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The Flamingo Society, Salt Lake Larnaka

The Flamingos

Fresh ideas, quirky old-school aesthetics and a passion for visual storytelling.
Behind the flamboyant name is Leila & Andria, a female-led dynamic duo producing films and photography. We’re all about down to earth vibes, fun-loving energy, getting a little silly but most importantly – being REAL. It’s so important to us to capture authentic moments that express emotion and character whilst giving you a real human experience. We’re the kind of people who will treat you like our best friends from day one, because we genuinely want to get to know you and produce something that looks and feels true to you and our shared vision. We have a zest for life – seriously, we just love life and bringing light to moments that often go by unnoticed. We’re not a ‘show up and shoot’ kind of duo. We really do care about every single element that goes into what we do, everything from pre to post production. If you feel a connection to what you see here, reach out to us. The best part about what we do is the people we get to connect, collaborate, and get creative with. Our style screams old-school with a modern edge, free-spirited, a little flamboyant and genuinely fun. Over and out, flamingo folks!

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