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Peyia Overflow

Nature. 🐢

The word itself may not mean much, but the true meaning of it is deeply rooted within us. It’s part of us; it awakens our senses and frees our mind. Nature is the most beautiful thing we have. And it is available for us all to immerse ourselves in.

For us, the abundance of nature in Peyia is not only blissful, but precious. It’s one of those places where going for a walk is the most serene part of your day. You will hear the birds chirping in the trees, you will spot the turtles swimming beneath the boats, you will feel the sun’s warmth against your skin, and a light breeze coming from the many banana plantations surrounding you. You’re bound to have a lighthearted chat with some friendly faces in the village, which will give you a sense of Peyia’s warm and cheerful community. And then, as you reach the sea, you’re faced with a dramatic, natural sight. Sandy white sea caves, majestic blues and a sky full of purple and pink as the sun meets the sea. It’s just you and your bare feet walking along this untouched landscape with breathtaking views.

And here comes the feeling of Peyia; a warm and intimate emotion that overwhelms you. It’s so familiar. And suddenly this place doesn’t feel so new. You look up and see more visible stars than you could ever imagine. It’s surreal, you’re not a visitor here anymore. You’re returning to a place where your spirit runs free. The visuals of vibrant greens, the oxygen radiating from the trees, the soothing waters that bring calmness to the soul.. Everything ties back to the purity of nature which is a gift to us all, every single day.


December 1, 2019