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Leila Thano

Photographer / Creative Director

Greek-Australian from Sydney, Australia.

Good Coffee. Dad jokes. Apple Person.

Graduate of Media & Comms – UNSW.

Italian Foodie. Loves Open Discussions.

Natural Light. Adventures. Mountain Views.

Daydreams about San Francisco. Dorky.

Leila - The Flamingo Society

Andria Aipavliti

Cinematographer / Multimedia Producer

From a coastal town in Paphos, Cyprus.

Netflix & Chips. Free Spirit. Visual Person.

Adores Dogs. Expresses herself through Art.

Graduate of Media Production – Germany.

Loves Film Editing. Digital Art Creator.

Perfectionist. Laughter. Positive Vibes.

Daydreams about Tropical Islands.


Leila / Andria - The Flamingo Society

Who are we – what are we all about?

Leila and Andria. L&A for short, or simply put, the flamingos.
We’re a pretty fun duo, we keep it real and lighthearted. Don’t let that fool you though, behind the scenes, we’re more dynamic than you can imagine. Our art means everything to us, and we’re not satisfied unless it gets better with every project that comes our way. Photography and Filmmaking has been a passion since we were young. What always resonates with us is the feeling of it. The way we composition, colour and tone our visuals is a way we express our perception of life. We believe there’s beauty in everything, it’s just a matter of shifting your perspective and finding it. Simplicity is bliss, details do matter and good vibes are what we’re all about. We love creating experiences and sharing moments with people from all walks of life while we capture them in their element. We’re free-spirited, lively and ambitious. Everyone has a story to tell – and we’re here to listen, connect, and tell as many as we can through our visuals.


Why “The Flamingo Society?”

We get asked this question a lot. We first met in Larnaca, the city of salt lakes where flocks of flamingos hang out. We also like to think of ourselves as flamingos – quirky, flamboyant, traveling together anywhere we go. The “society” part symbolises our partnership with you; working creatively & collaboratively to produce a vision we share.

Where are we based? 

Much like flamingos, we like to travel around throughout the year. Cyprus & Australia are our bases, but we are always ready and excited to travel wherever we are needed.


What is our cinematography approach?

We keep things looking fresh, dynamic and lively. We’re inspired by retro aesthetics, and recreating old school concepts with a modern vibe. First and foremost, we seek real moments, so we make it a priority to make anyone that is part of our shoot comfortable and relaxed so we can all genuinely enjoy the shoot and have some fun creating together. Our mission is to express a feeling, a mood, a connection, in its most authentic form. We also tend to use unconventional, abstract filming techniques that give a more unique look or outcome in post-production, where all the magic happens. Almost every clip we capture, the way we have captured it, has a specific purpose afterwards. We try to think ahead about how each clip could be used, and how to best capture them in order to have creative transitions, and thus, the most creative film outcome.



What about our photography?

The same goes for photography. We put a lot of emphasis on composition, tones, and natural lighting. Every photo we create has its own mood to express, a character, a feeling – it’s speaking, but without words. We love intimacy and human connection, we love seeing people in their own element – whether it’s quirky, out there, fun, crazy or calm and low-key. Getting to know the real you and expressing that visually is what it’s all about.


Can we also help design your photoshoot? 

Absolutely – this is something that really excites us. We work closely with talented and passionate designers, we combine forces and bring a vision to life through vibrant florals and unique decor. We’ll also do the location scouting for you, in order to find the perfect place that will set the scene for your chosen theme and style.



Can you choose the music for your film?

The short answer is no, but to elaborate: we invest a lot of time and energy into crafting films that are cinematic, creative, but also unconventional and very personalised. So, our mission is to get to know you on a personal level, and from that, produce a film you can watch over and over again, and feel the energy every time. Music & sound design plays a key role. Our editing process is very detailed, and that’s probably one of the reasons why you came to us. So, let us take care of the music – we’ll make sure the vibe matches up with our shared vision.



What is the booking process?

First step is to contact us and give us a brief on what you are interested in. We arrange a meet up over coffee or call and get to know each other, share some ideas and go through all the details together. Upon signing an agreement form, a booking deposit is taken and we lock in your date/schedule your project. Throughout every step of the way, we’ll be your creative partner at hand.