Andrew & Chrystalla
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Andrew & Chrystalla

High up in the hills of Paphos – Cyprus, a freakin’ amazing wedding went down and we were lucky enough to capture it. Andrew & Chrystalla are the kind of couple who take life on fearlessly, adventurously, and similar to us – they love leading an extraordinary life, that is, a life that is anything but the ordinary! It’s a great feeling when you instantly click with like-minded people, and these guys were it for us.

Prior to their big day, they were traveling from tropical islands to big cities whilst working and discussing their wedding plans with us, who were meanwhile down under (Australia) – thanks Skype! As the wedding was getting closer, we finally met up at their wedding venue and my oh my, were we impressed with their choice! Our gorgeous bride, Chrystalla, has a great skill for getting things organised. She came to us prepared with an abundance of Pinterest inspiration, from colour palettes to flowers to decor and the list goes on (THANK YOU!). This really gave us insight into the wedding style and vibe these guys were going for. After getting to know them a little better, we realised they weren’t the hopeless romantic types. These digital nomads were wild at heart and we just had to bring that character out visually. Their zest for adventure, their quirky partnership, their take on life together was what makes them so awesome.

A wedding in Cyprus wouldn’t be complete without the customary traditions, of course. BUT what if it was then contrasted with a cocktail party with a live acoustic band, bottle ring toss games, Jenga? Wait, let’s take that thought a step further. What if their wedding cake was made out of 4 different cheeses?! Yep, they’re outside the box thinkers. The icing on the cake though was their beautiful garden ceremony with a view of the luscious green hills of Lysos. Paphos weddings are all about nature, after all! The entire ceremony was serene, especially watching Chrystalla walk down the aisle with her dad by her side, her bridesmaid/singer setting the mood with a live acoustic song, and our handsome groom, Andrew, who was left in awe as his bride walked down to him in tears of joy. The rest is history. Everybody rocked the dance floor all night long, a huge international crowd of guests that traveled near and far to celebrate the special event in Cyprus. 


May 1, 2019